Severin Vierrath

Dr.-Ing. Severin Vierrath has been involved in the field of electrochemical converters since 2013. After studying industrial engineering at RWTH Aachen University, he completed his doctorate at the University of Freiburg on fuel cells. Since 2017, he has been leading the research group „Electrochemical Energy Systems“ (EES) at the University of Freiburg and at Hahn-Schickard research institute managing more than 12M € in public funding for hydrogen research. The scientific excellence of the group is evidenced by more than 30 publications and several patents. His research focuses on the fundamental understanding of electrochemical energy converters, the integration of new materials – catalysts and polymers – and the engineering of membrane electrode assemblies. In 2021 he co-founded the spin-off company ionysis GmbH.


Dr. Brian Shanahan, Dr. Friedemann Hegge, Dunia Abed, Peter Holzapfel